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Pedal Commander

Unshackle Your Car
Use Everything Your Volkswagen Has to Offer with Pedal Commander

Wake your Volkswagen's performance up with a magic touch! Improve your car's performance in 15 minutes without risking the reliability or your car's warranty!

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Pedal Commander will Bring Out the Power Buried in Your Volkswagen

Ever since its inception, Volkswagen has had a strong following. While the German marque is known for its compact cars, they’ve been diversifying its lineup and making exceptional vehicles that will fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Whether you love the hot hatches or big SUVs, you enjoy some of the best examples when you drive a Volkswagen, and that’s why you have one! If you want a healthy performance upgrade, just keep reading!

Pedal Commander might be small, but it will have a massive effect on your performance. It is a safe, plug-and-play add-on that will remove the lag and let you accelerate instantly! Pedal Commander is one of the best performance upgrades for Volkswagen vehicles. You don’t have to take just our word for it, as there are thousands of Volkswagen owners using Pedal Commander and loving it. Watch this video to see their reaction to Pedal Commander! Scroll down and select your Volkswagen to make your car quicker!

Got Something on Your Mind?
Volkswagen Owners Asked, and We Answered

Why do People Use Volkswagen Performance Parts?

A real Volkswagen aficionado does not become satisfied with the original version of the car. No! A genuine Volkswagen enthusiast constantly looks for what’s best for the car in terms of Volkswagen performance, Volkswagen racing parts, Volkswagen modification, and even Volkswagen fuel economy. 

The secret to getting your Volkswagen upgrade as smooth as possible is getting your luxury car the best Volkswagen performance parts, like the Pedal Commander. Get your vehicle to match your personality as much as possible in terms of the luxury and classy look, the elegant style, and the unparalleled performance

Volkswagen performance parts usually are components that give a boost to your car. Volkswagen tuning deals with the acceleration, the handling, or the braking. So, to begin, you have to find out what exactly you want more from your car. Always keep in mind, though, that for a lasting relationship with your vehicle, accept no compromise and no substitute to perfection

Go buy from the specialists like us who know how to appreciate a luxury car and carry out a perfect Volkswagen upgrade. Like a true magician, learn how to play with your vehicle to get the best out of it. A true Volkswagen driver is also a passionate Volkswagen tuner

Which Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts Can Enhance Your Experience?

With the vast array of gadgets, Volkswagen performance parts, and Volkswagen aftermarket accessories available on the market nowadays, it will be easy for any newcomer to feel lost. Even more so when tutorials and videos from other passionate drivers on the Net keep coming up with new Volkswagen upgrade ideas every day. Also, you do not want something that will often lead you to a mechanic or other professional Volkswagen tuner for the installation. We would all prefer something easy to install. Especially if these are from the Volkswagen aftermarket. 

One such tuner is the Pedal Commander. Get control over the full potential of your car with the Pedal Commander, an exciting gadget among all the Volkswagen parts aftermarket. The Pedal Commander is a Volkswagen performance part that upgrades your car’s speed performance without causing any damage whatsoever to your luxury vehicle. It takes only 15 minutes to set up, and even better, you can do it yourself

The gadget will reduce the throttle response time. It comes with 4 modes, each adjustable 4 levels up or down. You can control all of that from the mobile application

Why Resort to a Volkswagen Tuning?

To begin, know that there are several types of tuning with Volkswagen performance parts available for a Volkswagen upgrade. First of all, there is the Volkswagen chip tuning. This is the most recent electronic engine tuning for diesel, petrol, hybrid & electric engine. However, this Volkswagen mod presents some risks such as several types of breakdowns in the long run, transmission or engine wear, issues with the clutch or turbo, and other Volkswagen acceleration problems. This is the Volkswagen tune up cost from random gadgets. 

On the other hand, you have the Pedal Commander, the perfect Volkswagen throttle controller. This ideal Volkswagen performance part presents hardly any risks to your car. Do you want to get over any acceleration problems? Do you want to be able to choose from a range of modes to adapt your vehicle to the environment and road conditions? The Pedal Commander is the one and only Volkswagen tuning you will be installing on your car. It won’t call for a series of endless modifications. One small change and the job will be done.

What Are the Different Volkswagen Mods Available?

A Volkswagen tuning enthusiast has many Volkswagen performance mods available for his car with lots of Volkswagen performance parts. A Volkswagen tuner can upgrade the wheels, turbo with different Volkswagen engine mods, exhaust pipe, and suspension power, among many others. Even more popular is the Volkswagen performance chip, among all the Volkswagen mods ideas presented online and elsewhere. However, before proceeding with this kind of Volkswagen performance part upgrade, you should be fully informed about the risks to the engine, and even more important, find out if it’s against any law.

Indeed, some insurance companies might not have this covered. There are real risks involved with some low-quality Volkswagen performance parts. Besides, you will have to carry out the Volkswagen tuning at a mechanic’s place. It is not always guaranteed to go to the best Volkswagen aftermarket professionals. This is why Pedal Commander is entirely safe for your car. No extreme modification is involved in it. It is so simple that no professional Volkswagen tuner will be required. Also, the change will be instant. You will feel the smooth and rapid performance quickly. 

Volkswagen Tuners - What are the Risks?

The process of adding a Volkswagen performance tuner to your car is quite a complex one. There are several things any driver should understand first. First of all, you should know the exact impact of each modification, like the Volkswagen horsepower upgrades or Volkswagen tuner chips. Do not simply get swayed by the Volkswagen tuner professional for this or that upgrade. Some modifications are a feast to the eyes only. Others cost you a lot but show no considerable improvement. Others are pretty visible, but unfortunately, they don’t last long

You also have Volkswagen performance parts which improve your car’s performance considerably, but might be a risk to your vehicle in the long run, or, as seen above, cost you a lot in terms of warranty and might even be illegal. Always go for what’s simple and easy. Which is precisely everything the Pedal Commander is. It’s so simple that you can set it up yourself. This also means that you can perfectly grasp its functioning on your own. You don’t need any advanced knowledge in car performance to know what you are dealing with. Another advantage, you will be able to witness the improvement on the spot.

What Are the Best Volkswagen Upgrades?

According to your Volkswagen specifications, several Volkswagen engine upgrades or Volkswagen performance upgrades are available. The options come in various sizes and styles, all very pleasing to the eyes. You can match them to your personal style, car color, or according to what’s trending. There are lots of  Volkswagen performance parts available in the market.

However, like with all Volkswagen aftermarket gadgets, you are changing a genuine part of your vehicle with an accessory from another producer. So, choose wisely after putting a lot of thought into this step. It will influence the performance of your car in the short run, and in the long run, do not forget the resale value

All Volkswagen tuning comes with its load of risks. Pedal Commander, however, is one among the few accessories which come with no risks. It’s the best option for a swift change in your car’s performance, without any damage caused to your engine.

Can Volkswagen Accessories Add Value to Your Car?

Other than the Volkswagen performance accessories and Volkswagen upgrade parts, there are a lot of Volkswagen car accessories. For example, maintenance supplies are beneficial for keeping your car in the proper condition for all seasons. This is precisely what high-performance rides demand. Apart from being risk-free, Pedal Commander Volkswagen aftermarket part is beneficial to both new and seasoned drivers

Always remember that whatever Volkswagen performance part makes or keeps your car’s performance smoother, safer and classier is what you should look for. The upgrades shouldn’t turn your vehicle into something far from what it initially looked like. This is precisely why the Pedal Commander is a wise choice. It is simple, affordable, quick to set up, and an instant booster. This performance part answers all the criteria as the best Volkswagen mod available on the market. It makes no adverse impact on your car’s engine but improves its performance. It’s been approved by the experts, and the best thing is that you can install it yourself.

How Can Doing Volkswagen Customize Maximize Your Car's Potential?

Suppose you’re looking for more accessories for your Volkswagen customization. In that case, it’s best to go for Volkswagen custom parts and Volkswagen custom accessories. For any additional protection of your car, you can opt for many options. There are many different items to keep your car as new as possible

With the official store, you will always know what to expect, and if ever issues do crop up, you know where to head back to, with a complete peace of mind. With any other store and other Volkswagen aftermarket parts, you do not always know what you are treading into. However, there are trustworthy aftermarket parts sellers, which have proved themselves over the years. The performance parts speak for themselves. Pedal Commander is the best example out there. You can go to the Pedal Commander website to get complete information on this performance part and its impact on your Volkswagen.

What Are the Volkswagen Cheap Parts Available Online?

However much you take care of your vehicle, there will come a time when you will have to replace a Volkswagen part or Volkswagen gear. Now, with cheap Volkswagen aftermarket parts, that is, those not produced officially by the manufacturer, some risks need to be considered. 

To begin, if it’s not bought from an official Volkswagen online parts reseller, there is always the risk that it might not be compatible. Although the only advantage is that it’s cheap, you have to make sure that you can follow up with the Volkswagen aftermarket part reseller from which you bought it.

You also need to take extra precautions when it’s the Volkswagen engine options that are concerned. So, you need a guarantee for any purchase of that kind. Beforehand, you also need to check the online reputation of the reseller, as well as the reviews from previous buyers. Ensure people have tested the Volkswagen aftermarket parts and there are relevant tutorials and indications concerning the gadget. Most importantly, make sure it has no adverse effect on your luxury car. Pedal Commander comes with a complete user guide for easy installation and functioning, and it has all that we just mentioned!

Are Volkswagen Part Accessories Worth The Hassle?

Whenever you choose Volkswagen parts or Volkswagen accessories, always keep in mind the original performance of your car. You would want to add Volkswagen auto parts that keep enhancing the performance, even if they are Volkswagen aftermarket parts. The Pedal Commander is what your car needs for improved performance without any side effects.

Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts Accessories – Get a New Taste of Luxury

Volkswagen cabriolets are famous for their quality and provide excellent driving joy.  Still, the Volkswagen cabriolet aftermarkets part like Pedal Commander can enhance the pleasure you get out of your Cabriolet. If you want the best Volkswagen cabriolet accessories, you should try Pedal Commander. 

Volkswagen Coupe Parts Accessories – A Breath of Fresh Air

Looking for the latest Volkswagen mod for your Volkswagen coupe? Among the Volkswagen coupe aftermarket parts, do not miss the Pedal Commander, tested and approved by experts. This gadget will lead you to a unique Volkswagen upgrade among the trusted Volkswagen Coupe accessories.

Volkswagen Crossover Parts Accessories – Everything You Ever Dreamt Of

For the best Volkswagen crossover accessories and Volkswagen crossover aftermarket parts, do not miss the Pedal Commander. Learn all about it on its website for the best Volkswagen tuning. You will get all you ever wished for your car with this amazing device.

Volkswagen Fastback Parts Accessories – Take Command of the Road

The Volkswagen fastback is the car you didn’t know you needed. However, did you know that you can up your Volkswagen tuning even further with the Pedal Commander? It’s one of the best Volkswagen fastback accessories among all the Volkswagen fastback aftermarket parts.

Volkswagen Hatchback Parts Accessories for Smoother Driving

Looking for Volkswagen performance parts on the Volkswagen hatchback aftermarket parts? Try the Pedal Commander, the best one among the Volkswagen hatchback accessories. It’s quality is approved by both experts and users. It has also won many awards! You will never regret making this purchase.

Volkswagen Minivan Parts Accessories for More Fun on the Road

This is a 7 seater with revamped styling and new features. Looking to add some Volkswagen tuning into it with the latest Volkswagen performance part? Among all the Volkswagen minivan aftermarket parts and Volkswagen minivan accessories available, make sure to try the Pedal Commander for the final touch of a performance boost to your car. 

Volkswagen MPV Parts Accessories – the Most Practical Option

What to add to this already multipurpose vehicle? How about the Pedal Commander, a simple and high-quality Volkswagen performance part? Always go for something simple yet functional for the best Volkswagen MPV aftermarket parts and Volkswagen MPV accessories.

Volkswagen Pickup Parts Accessories – A Classier Rival to Most Trucks

For the latest Volkswagen tuning or Volkswagen upgrade, this vehicle that combines personal and professional purposes can still be boosted. Look no further if you’re looking for Volkswagen pickup aftermarket parts and Volkswagen Pickup accessories. The Pedal Commander is not to be missed. You will take command of the roads while reducing the throttle response time with Pedal Commander.

Volkswagen Sedan Parts Accessories – The Bold Choice

What could we add as a Volkswagen upgrade with a classy look and a modern performance? On the Volkswagen sedan aftermarket parts, among the Volkswagen sedan accessories to look for is the Pedal Commander. This is the ideal Volkswagen performance part, as no risk is involved, and you can install it on your own.

Volkswagen Station Wagon Parts Accessories – Practical and Premium

Try the Pedal Commander and stop wasting your time with unreliable tuners for the best Volkswagen upgrade or Volkswagen tuning on the market. With its 4 modes, accessible on its mobile application, this is the best on the Volkswagen station wagon aftermarket parts for the latest Volkswagen station wagon accessories.

Volkswagen SUV Parts Accessories – A Wide Range of Choices

Get the best Volkswagen tuning with this Volkswagen performance part: the Pedal Commander. On the Volkswagen SUV aftermarket parts, you will not always find Volkswagen SUV accessories safe for your car. With the Pedal Commander, however, you can easily switch the gas pedal sensitivity while making sure to cause no damage to the engine