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Pedal Commander

Break Your Mercedes' Shackles
Pedal Commander Will Boost Your Benz to Perfection

Get the most out of your Mercedes. Enhance the brilliant engineering with a Pedal Commander to use everything your vehicle has to offer without risking the engine's safety!

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Mercedes Performance Perfected by Pedal Commander

Mercedes is a brand that needs no introduction. The tri-star of Mercedes is instantly recognizable wherever you are. It is the universal symbol of luxury, comfort, and reliability. If you drive a Mercedes, everyone knows that you’ve made it no matter where you live. Most importantly,  you know you made it when you are behind the wheel of a Mercedes. Mercedes vehicles make every trip special, and we have a performance upgrade to match. Keep reading!

Whether you are driving a luxurious sedan or a sports coupe, Pedal Commander will give your Mercedes the performance upgrade you deserve. With this safe and straightforward tool, you can remove throttle lag, increase acceleration, and more! With its four modes, you can customize the throttle response the way you want. It won’t void your warranty or damage your engine. There are thousands of Mercedes owners enjoying their quicker vehicles with Pedal Commander. Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to see how our customers react to Pedal Commander’s revolutionary effects! After watching the video, scroll down and select your Mercedes to make it faster!

Got Something on Your Mind
Mercedes Owners Asked, and We Answered

Where to Find The Best Mercedes Performance Parts?

Mercedes performance parts help you customize your Mercedes to increase its power and performance. Mercedes cars already give extra comfort and luxury with powerful engines. However, Mercedes performance parts like Mercedes racing parts are still a good choice for various motorsports. 

Mercedes modification can be easily carried out. You can customize your car with many options in the market. Out of these, the Pedal Commander Mercedes performance part gives better comfort, agility, and speed. Installing a Pedal Commander decreases the throttle response time, which brings impressive performance. Although Mercedes fuel economy is already good, it can be made more efficient by choosing the right performance parts such as Pedal Commander, as its ECO mode saves up to 20% fuel.

Which are the Best Mercedes Aftermarket Parts?

For Mercedes aftermarket parts, there are numerous options you need to check out if you want to find the best one. Aftermarket parts are non-OEM; meaning different manufacturers produce them. Therefore, they are tuned to fit as many vehicles or models as possible. Out of all the Mercedes aftermarket accessories, you need to find a reliable one that does not void your warranty. We are happy to tell you that Pedal Commander is the one.

Choosing the wrong Mercedes aftermarket part from the Mercedes parts aftermarket will decrease the performance instead of raising it. Usually, Mercedes aftermarket parts don't go through enough testing as original parts. If you’re looking for a well-tested Mercedes aftermarket part to realize your Mercedes upgrade ideas with, Pedal Commander is here for you.

Where Can You Find Safe Mercedes Tuning?

Mercedes tuning helps optimize your Mercedes for different performance requirements. It would help to tune your model to get the best experience with Mercedes performance parts. Using Pedal Commander, you might not even need your regular Mercedes tuning visits anymore! Some Mercedes tuning improves horsepower and torque but this will void your warranty as well. There is no need for the risk!

Adding Pedal Commander Mercedes throttle controller to your car will make your gas pedal more sensitive. It decreases the throttle time and gives you more control over your Mercedes. Also, it does not affect the engine. The mobile application enables changing between four Pedal Commander modes with a single touch. 

Mercedes tuning Pedal Commander unlocks your car's potential without risking the engine like Mercedes chip tuning does. It increases grip by providing smoother handling and improved torque. Some Mercedes users complain about their Mercedes acceleration problem. Pedal Commander solves this issue without any Mercedes tune up cost! You will get exactly what you need at a low cost.

Usually, Mercedes requires an annual average maintenance which costs around a thousand dollars. Adding a Pedal Commander gives your Mercedes an upgrade as it decreases the throttle time and helps to improve the acceleration. You might not even need to do this usual maintenance after installing the Pedal Commander Mercedes performance part.

Are There Any Mercedes Mods to Look Out For?

Mercedes performance mod Pedal Commander lifts your car’s value; it makes your vehicle stand out from the rest. Any performance chip will benefit from Pedal Commander. It just intercepts the electrical input and remaps the throttle curve. Its simplicity is what makes it so appealing.

Various Mercedes mods come with performance chips. These chips are engine friendly—however, an incorrect installation will result in complex handling. If the installation is correct, these Mercedes mod chips serve different purposes. Pedal Commander Mercedes performance part increases fuel mileage, makes your car have a more efficient fuel economy and gives more throttle response

Adding a Pedal Commander aids you in decreasing throttle response time. Hence, the car gets to high speed more quickly and safely with this Mercedes mod. The Mercedes engine mods of Pedal Commander focus on providing you with the best experience possible.

The engine exhaust system of cars ejects engine gasses, cleans the fumes and emits those as clean as possible. Every component of this system should affect your car and Mercedes mods positively. Mercedes tuning also helps you get a better experience out of older versions of Mercedes. Well-researched Mercedes mods ideas will make your vehicle a dream car.

What to Expect from Mercedes Tuners?

Mercedes tuner Pedal Commander, just like other tuners, is designed to maximize engine output with simple plug-and-play installation. It will work great as a  Mercedes performance part and will be a  perfect Mercedes upgrade. If you choose proper Mercedes tuning like Pedal Commander, it will improve your car rather than ruin it

Accurate Mercedes tuning brings visible changes to your car, but you don’t need to do it frequently. Usually, car maintenance proves enough for the vehicle. If your car engine and model are older, Mercedes tuning will suit you; adding a Pedal Commander will improve the car’s acceleration

Mercedes horsepower upgrades may be helpful but don’t forget that they will also void your warranty. Mercedes tuner Pedal Commander, on the other hand, will give you a dream ride without any risks. Mercedes performance parts like Mercedes performance tuners provide better flow to the exhaust gasses. Some Mercedes tuners help more oxygen reside in the combustion chamber. Although this is good for performance, it imbalances your air and fuel ratio; since your oxygen formation will be greater than the requirement. 

Go for Mercedes tuning but do not disturb the atmosphere and your fuel ratio in the meantime! Mercedes tuning with Pedal Commander decreases the throttle time, making the car more powerful. After the installation, Mercedes tuner chips demand powerful brakes, high traction tires, and a lower center of gravity. Mercedes tuning with Pedal Commander gives you a better start-up experience with fewer vibrations and a lower fuel consumption. Customize your vehicle with the Pedal Commander Mercedes tuner to control fuel consumption.

Should You Do Mercedes Upgrades?

Mercedes specifications with Pedal Commander promise advanced technology and outstanding off-road capabilities. You can also install it in just 15 minutes! Other Mercedes updates, however, require your proper time for periodic maintenance

Pedal Commander Mercedes tuner also improves safety since your brakes will work much better with it. Mercedes upgrades like Pedal Commander improve overall performance by improving acceleration. You don’t have to do Mercedes engine upgrades to get better performance. With Mercedes performance part Pedal Commander, you can get the same effect without any risks.

Reducing the car's weight also brings more horsepower—the lighter the vehicle, the better the driving experience. Cold air intake also draws power as the colder air is denser than the warmer air. Superchargers and turbochargers increase airflow, which delivers quick and instant energy to the engine and Mercedes performance parts

Sometimes, Mercedes upgrades regarding reprogramming the engine improve your engine. However, it can also do a lot of other things. It can lower the value of your Mercedes, void its warranty, and, if your automobile is leased, invalidate your lease contract. Overall, it’s not good news. Mercedes performance upgrade Pedal Commander, however, ensures that the modifications comply with the machine, balance fuel, make and air ratio, and go smooth with other Mercedes performance parts.

Which Mercedes Accessories are Necessary?

Every Mercedes vehicle class comes with recommended accessories and Mercedes performance parts. For the car of your dreams, the first and foremost objective is comfortable driving. Mercedes car accessory Pedal Commander promises many unique upgrades

Mercedes performance accessories cover a variety of things to make sure all the parts of your vehicle are of top quality. Adding a Pedal Commander brings a boost to your car’s acceleration, and it’s also safe for the engine. For winters, you can get snow tires and use the ECO mode of the Mercedes performance part Pedal Commander. It will give you a great driving experience on challenging winter roads.

Mercedes upgrade parts require a proper understanding of your requirements. If you need an excellent Mercedes upgrade for snowy areas, proceed accordingly with a Mercedes upgrade. For a travel adventure, consider travel-assisted parts. For everyday use, go for an economical upgrade. The more you understand better, the more you will experience. One part that fits all of these scenarios is the Pedal Commander. You can get it and put your mind at ease.

How to do Proper Mercedes Customize?

Mercedes offer a perfect fit, reliability, technology-assisted driving that is good for every situation. But still, people love to go for Mercedes customization with Pedal Commander. Pedal Commander just switches the gas pedal sensitivity, which results in improved acceleration. Various customization options are available as per different customization intentions. 

Like Mercedes performance parts, Mercedes custom parts are also available as either OEM parts or aftermarket parts. The OEM parts fit your car as they are specifically made for it. Contrary to them, the Mercedes aftermarket parts are generic. Going for an incorrect custom part or Mercedes upgrade might open new costly repairs in the future and impact other Mercedes performance parts. OEM parts come with warranty coverage. Also does Mercedes custom accessory Pedal Commander! Even though it’s not an OEM part, it has a 2-year warranty!

Are Mercedes Cheap Parts Reliable?

Mercedes online parts are a blessing; they make automotive upgrades simpler. You order from the comfort of your house. Almost all OEM parts, together with Pedal Commander that keep your car running smoothly, are available online. Mercedes parts, including Mercedes performance part Pedal Commander, come for every vehicle and budget. With its affordable price, you will have no trouble getting one for yourself.

Sometimes, Mercedes gears may malfunction. It comes with warning signs like changes in the driving experience, primarily in shifting gears. A clicking and grounding noise may also appear as a warning. Therefore, you should take preventive measures before you get into trouble. Mercedes engine options are various and every model comes with different options as per engine design. Pedal Commander saves you from trouble and provides you with the right device for your exact model.

What Are Some of the Affordable Mercedes Parts Accessories?

Mercedes parts give you comprehensive upgrades from the car's roof to the alloy wheel, and have perfect precision. The deeper you dig, the closer you are to find the perfect Mercedes accessories. Pedal Commander shows up as a wise choice. It’s easy installation and low price make it even more attractive to the drivers.

Mercedes auto parts and Mercedes aftermarket parts also come with various options. Like Mercedes performance parts, it's better to go for OEM parts as they are built specifically for your model. Pedal Commander is also built for your model and has no risks.

Mercedes Cabriolet Parts Accessories for Best Performance

Cabriolet cars don't have roofs, so they are not commonly used. If you have one though, Mercedes cabriolet accessories include many parts to serve you the best comfort. Similarly, the Mercedes cabriolet aftermarket parts also have various options and prices. Pedal Commander is one that fits ideally, preserves your warranty, and promises enhanced performance

Mercedes Coupe Parts Accessories for Everyone

Mercedes coupe accessories are great if you want a little customization for your car. Your car is optimized for the best performance. However, you might still want Mercedes Coupe aftermarket parts to personalize it even more. Replacing the older and damaged part demands adequate research. Go for Pedal Commander which fits your vehicle model perfectly and promises better performance.

Mercedes Crossover Parts Accessories Will Get You Running 

Mercedes crossover is a stylish car designed for sports. The vehicle comes with less off-road capability as it is designed for sports to give better on-road traction. Mercedes crossover accessories help you get an even more sportier feeling from your car. These parts need to be replaced or repaired with time to improve performance. Similarly, Mercedes crossover aftermarket parts, especially the Pedal Commander, will give you what you need.

Mercedes Hatchback Parts Accessories for More Style

Hatchback enables the rear door to swing upward, providing access to the cargo area. Specifically, Mercedes hatchback accessories configure easier upward access. They ensure safety, comfort, carrier system, and telematics. Mercedes hatchback aftermarket parts help you get better performance and maintenance. Pedal Commander is the perfect option for you.

Mercedes Liftback Parts Accessories for Your Dream Car

Liftbacks were made for the type of driver who wants an automobile that is both elegant and useful. Mercedes liftback accessories will make your car even more practical and stylish. Mercedes liftback aftermarket parts are often needed when you decide to go for maintenance or an upgrade— you should do research before the replacement. You can check out Pedal Commander reviews to make up your mind.

Mercedes Minivan Parts Accessories for a Great Experience

Minivans come with great cargo space and increased power. If you want more, Mercedes minivan aftermarket parts give better performance and driving experience assuming it is chosen wisely. Installing Mercedes minivan accessory Pedal Commander reduces throttle time, boosting your vehicle as a result.

Unleash the Beast with Mercedes Roadster Parts Accessories

A roadster is a two-seater open automobile with a sporty look or personality. Mercedes Roadster aftermarket parts focus on interior enhancement, transmission, electrical system, wheel, and tires to improve the sport drive. Pedal Commander will help you get the best performance from your car. Mercedes Roadster accessories, on the other hand, focus on enhancing style, care, protection; the car appears at its absolute best.

Mercedes Sedan Parts Accessories That Make You Stand Out

Mercedes sedan is a model that is preferred by many people around the world, and it is for a good reason ! Mercedes sedan aftermarket parts will make your sedan even more enjoyable to drive around. Especially with Pedal Commander, you will get full control of your car. Mercedes sedan accessories give you a blend of perfect style, luxury, status, and performance.

Mercedes Station Wagon Parts Accessories for Perfect Driving

A station wagon has a longer body than normal, with a spacious cargo room behind the seats. Mercedes station wagon aftermarket parts will help you get even more out of your car. Since it is a big car, it can be hard to navigate. You will drive it effortlessly with the Mercedes station wagon accessory Pedal Commander.

All Kinds of Mercedes MPV Parts Accessories

Multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) serve for many purposes. They come with more seats, interior space, and tall bodies. Mercedes MPV aftermarket parts help you enjoy a better experience. Just go on our website and get yourself a Pedal Commander! Mercedes MPV accessories bring the perfect style of your car. You get the cargo capacity within a gorgeous car.

Perfect Mercedes SUV Parts Accessories

SUVs come with good on-road traction. They are great cars with great performance. Mercedes SUV aftermarket part Pedal Commander never lets you make compromises on performance. Mercedes SUV accessories are available in a broader range. Adding some good ones will make your SUV a dream car.